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The SolarClock utilizes a unique design to offer a quick and easy way to know at glance how much time is left until it gets dark or the sun is going to rise. Just look at one of the clock faces and you will instantly know your position in the daylight or night, know if you want to hurry to finish your hike or if it is time to prepare yourself to enjoy the beauties of the sunset. It is useful for hikers and campers, but it also has a lot to offer for anybody who wants to feel a more natural rhythm, the pulse of our planet.

The app is packed with an abundance of beautiful themes, customization options, all topped with insanely rich variety of live tile options and functionality. At the present date it offers 3 different clock face design to satisfy all tastes. The app doesn't need internet connection, it works completely offline.

Ever wanted to know without a research if is it night or daylight at the location of your friend on travel ? Just have a peek at the clock, and you will immediately know it along with yours by enabling the secondary location options.

It features alarms for sunsets, sunrises or twilights. In the Live Tiles you can easily follow the exact time left until your selected solar event.

We honestly hope that you will enjoy using this program ! Have a good time !

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