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Music player for Windows 8.

You can play local files easily.

Play Music does not host any music on its server.
The app is simply a great web crawler.

How it works
Play Music makes XMLHttpRequests (Web requests) just like you can in your web browser. Then it parses the responses just like you would do when you read websites. It tries to not be too aggressive on remote servers however it does make some requests in parallel to ensure search results are not too slow to resolve.

Since it is just using files which can be found on the web, many of the songs are free promotional songs or remixes which the producers/artists give away for free. However some of the songs are not free to download and the person who is sharing the files is violating the law. You should not download/stream songs which you do not have permission to download.

Lets repeat that again.
Downloading and streaming songs which you do not have rights is against the law.

If you don't know if you have rights, go hire a lawyer.

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