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Mr.Escape : Escape If You Can


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Mr. Escape :

The all new crazy thriller game Mr.Escape is out for the users who have been searching for games of different and unique concepts. The Mr.Escape game is available for both Android and Windows ( Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store) platforms is absolutely free of cost.

Game Play :

The theme of the game is simple. The user is provided with different character which bounces and moves from site to side in air with screen taps. All that a user need to do is to Tap and stay alive by by escaping form the Gears that pops out from sides while the Game character is arriving towards it. Simple isn't it! Yes, it is simple to tap but not to Escape! Stay as long as you can survive and once you character hits any gear, it dies and the game is over.

Features :

The Game is designed of a unique concept with one of the best UIs, Beautiful Graphics, Funny and Interesting Characters making it a complete game for users of any age.

Simple User Interface with easy controls
Beautiful graphics with excellent usage of vectors
Fun intended characters made available in packages as well
Social sharing enabled with Facebook and Twitter
Low file size
Consumes very less amount of battery
We will be providing the game updates regularly. Our support team always will be for the users and we will try to solve any issue regarding the game asap once we receive any.

Our Team :

Sampath Kumar Dindi : Concept and Design
Raghuvarya Chowdary : Concept and Design

Developers :
EyeCandyDesi Studios ( )
Naresh Ghanate
SreeRama Sarma
Prateek Singh

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