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iMovie - Creating a Sports Highlight Reel


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★★★★★ This course demonstrates how to create a fast-paced sports video, for the home team or the pros, with the power and simplicity of the tools in Apple iMovie '11. Author Abba Shapiro illustrates how to use basic camera techniques and strategies when recording video and how to edit the footage together to create an entertaining highlights reel, using the built-in Sports theme in iMovie. Abba also shows how to reduce background or crowd noise and mix in audio interviews and music.

Topics include:
-Capturing the moment
-Adjusting settings in iMovie
-Cutting and editing the video
-Creating a trailer for the video
-Working with the Sports theme
-Reducing background noise
-Adding and mixing music
-Stabilizing shaky video
-Creating a split screen
-Adding instant replays and changing the video speed

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