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Cute puppy of the day


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Imagine this. You come home from work, open the door, and your brand new puppy comes bounding up to you, big puppy paws sliding all over the floor and little puppy tail wagging frantically. Adorable, right? What if you could experience this sensation every time you log on to your computer? Cute puppy of the day gets pretty darn close. A collection of the sweetest, silliest, most charming puppies you've ever seen, Cute puppy of the day delivers a new, heart-melting, puppy-love-inducing photo every single day. It’s a well-known fact that puppies are the happiest creatures on the planet, so what could bring you more happiness than starting each morning with a new, fuzzy, puppy face?

This app will show you a cute puppy every day and a cute description to get your day started right. From labs, to retrievers, to pugs, to terriers, Cute puppy of the day makes certain that your dose of canine cuteness is top dog! If you have a pup at home, if you want one desperately, or if you just appreciate a lovable pooch, this is the app for you.

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