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Cute Cat of the Day


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Cat Photo of the Day is exactly what it sounds like. It's just cute!

Maybe it’s raining out. Or your favorite show got canceled. Maybe you're in a fight with your own cat, and the distance between the two of you has left you in need of a little kitty comfort. Or maybe you’re having a great day but want something to make it even better. It doesn’t matter, Cat Photo of the Day will come through for you.

An incredibly adorable collection of cats and kittens, Cat Photo of the Day will send you a new fuzzy feline image every day, meaning that you’ll never go over a day without seeing another cute cat. Each photo is credited, so if you see a kitten you can’t get over, you'll know where to go to find more pictures.

It’s like when you pet a kitten on the head and it gets so happy its eyes start to close. Or when you’re reading a book and the cat jumps into your lap, settles down and begins to purr. It’s like walking into the living room to find your kitten and your dog curled up against each other, warm and safe and sleepy. It’s just like that, because opening Cat Photo of the Day will simply make you feel better about the world.

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