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The InfoMedix Clinical Patient Folder provides clinicians with easy and immediate access to a patient's full medical record in the hospital, at the point of care. The record includes alerts, results, electronic forms, all scanned paper history, and a variety of other information from clinical data feeds.

Infomedix designs, integrates and delivers solutions for health record accessibility across the enterprise. Proven within Australia hospitals, the Clinical Patient Folder provides a logical and cost effective step towards a full electronic medical record. The app connects to a Clinical Patient Folder server to retrieve patient record data, and enables the clinician to interact with the record using intuitive gestures leveraging the rich multi-touch native capabilities of a Windows 8.1 tablet.

Note: This app is designed to work with the Infomedix Clinical Patient Folder system. To use this app in your hospital, the hospital must have already implemented a Clinical Patient Folder server to manage your clinical data and that server must be running version 3.2.1 or later. You will need a valid account for that server with access rights for the patient records you wish to view.

The Clinical Patient Folder app can be run in demo mode without requiring access to a Clinical Patient Folder server. Just select the "SKIP TO DEMO" link under the LOGIN button to start your evaluation.

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