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Bird of the day


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Whether perched in the treetops, wheeling overhead, or filling the air around us with sweet melodies, birds are one of nature’s most miraculous gifts. In April we watch for red-breasted robins, waiting for them to bring in the first notes of springtime. Falcons and hawks dominate the skies of the world’s remaining wild places, powerful wings lifting them over mountains and across valleys. And paradise is embodied in parrots and flamingos, their bright colors and fascinating behavioral patterns helping us travel the globe in our imaginations. But what we see is only part of the story. Equally as inspiring is the ability of our feathered friends for creating music. From the lilting call of the meadowlark to the low, gentle hoot of the owl, musicians, nature-lovers and early-risers alike can attest to the golden sweetness of birdsong. Some birds even have the vocal structure to produce two songs at once!

Bird of the Day delivers you high-quality images of birds from all over the world. Each day brings a new photo, and each photo a new appreciation for the splendor and diversity of the world’s birds. So whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply an admirer of the richness of the dawn chorus, Bird of the Day is for you.

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