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Beautiful butterfly of the day


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They flutter by on summer days, brightly colored wings and winding flight patterns serving to lift spirits and lending a carefree attitude. Even people who squirm at the idea of bugs like to watch butterflies fly from flower to flower. They appear on nature hikes through the mountains, at community picnics at the park, and in your backyard as you lie in the grass and look up at the clouds.

Most butterflies feed on nectar or pollen from flowers, a trait which gives them the responsibility (along with birds and bees) of pollination. Some butterflies migrate, although there are thousands of species in the world and many do not. Most importantly, the lovely colors and patterns of a butterfly’s wings make warm weather all the more delightful. Butterfly of the Day will provide that enjoyment every day, giving you pictures of all kinds of butterflies, from swallowtails to skippers. Get that good feeling of summer going with Butterfly of the day!

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