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Age of Gems: Covet Jewels Game


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Embark on an epic adventure in the land of the pyramids. Search for beautiful treasure such as gems and jewels in this addictive match 3 game. Can you climb to the top?

You play as a LA jewellery boutique owner that has problems to satisfy her high rolling Hollywood clientele. Movie stars, young and old, not only want the latest fashion and designer clothes, they also need something to show off. What is better than shopping for a rare gemstone from the old world. Can you come up with the best merchandise of the city?

Your search for exclusive gems has brought you to the remains of ancient Egypt and by solving its mysteries you can unlock the treasures of this once mighty empire. The land is filled with old puzzles that predate the Egyptian-Roman war and by solving them you can earn rubies, emeralds, jade, sapphires, diamonds and other exclusive treasure.

This is one of the most compulsive puzzlers you’ll ever play. This is a classic match three puzzle game with a twist. You will explore a cool over world, while you unlock beautiful gemstones for your boutique. Escape every day life and go on a trip of a lifetime to mine them all.

Swipe and link symbols, objects and tiles to make matching combos. The gems drop down due to their crushing weight and the maze grid will change accordingly. On your journey to find new shiny glimmers you will find special rocks that multiply your score or that blast away entire rows of tiles. You only have a set number of moves to complete each puzzle and it is important to change your strategy accordingly. The curse of the pharaoh has limited your freedom to move within the maze of tiles and it is up to you to rescue yourself and use powerful magic to break free. Early puzzles will be swift and relatively easy to solve, but as you progress, puzzles will get more challenging. Don’t clown around and get ready for the ultimate collecting mania!

Special hidden spells and enchanted stones can be unlocked to help you on your quest.

- Yellow Diamond spell: Will erase away a 3x3 grid (unlocked by matching 4 gems)
- Star spell: Will blast away both vertical and horizontal rows with TNT (unlocked by matching 5 gems)
- Lightning spell: Destroys all gems of the same type

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