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Ahoy lubbers! it be the hour to become a scurvy pirate 'n help ye cap'n in his hunt fer treasure! Avast, me hearties! Let us raise th' Jolly Roger flag 'n become rich. Let's travel th' Caribbean together in search 'o golden treasure 'n pretty lasses.

Help me solve th' dangerous match 3 riddles as they be harrrd. Shiver me timbers do ye have what it takes to complete th' treasure collection? Travel th' wild seven seas 'n load ye cannons to sink th' British fleet 'n to rob other band 'o pirates from their loot. Blackbeard, cap'n Barbossa, Jack Sparrow 'n Long Johny-boy Silver be no match fer th' danger 'o th' north. Let's get our hooks on that cargo! Let's sail th' sailin' Flying Dutchman 'n attack th' Black Pearl.

After we have got all the treasure, I gunna rest me bum on a barrel and sleep 'til I be in Davy Jones' treasure chest.

Make coin by matching skulls, knifes, cutthroats, swords, hats, chests, flags, canons and bottles. Match four symbols in a row to earn Jade tat will clear a large section of the board. The canon power-up can be used to blast away all pirate symbols of a certain type. If you are out of moves it is game over. You can earn skull achievements for each level. Can you unlock them all?

Leave the save home bay, leave port and unlock all the hidden objects on the map. Crush any resistance you encounter during your travels by using your mind and win each puzzle showdown. Fulfil your Pirate creed by scavenging the islands for handy items and bash open each treasure chest for coin.

You navigate your battleship across an interactive map which will guide you across the Caribbean islands. On your travels you will encounter the King's navy, dangerous vulcanos, dens forests and a dangerous Kraken. Can you reach skull island unharmed and become the explorer that will see its treasure?

The History of Port Royal:
Port Royal is a town on the southern coast of Jamaica. It was originally colonized by the Spanish, but attacked and captured by the English in 1655. Because of its good natural harbor and key position, Port Royal quickly became a major haven for pirates and buccaneers, who were made welcome because of the need for defenders. Port Royal was never the same after a 1692 earthquake, but there is still a town there today.

A Perfect Place for Pirates:
It soon became apparent that Port Royal was the perfect place for privates and privateers. It had a great deepwater natural harbor for protecting ships at anchor and it was close to Spanish shipping lanes and ports. Once it started to gain fame as a pirate haven, the town quickly changed. Merchants who were willing to buy goods from pirates soon set up shop. Before long, Port Royal was the busiest port in the Americas, largely run and operated by pirates and buccaneers.

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